Porto San Giorgio

Hotel Gabbiano

17 Maggio 2020

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Hotel Gabbiano and its city: Porto San Giorgio


Hotel Gabbiano is the perfect starting point to get to know and appreciate the territory of Porto San Giorgio, its sea and the hinterland. Let’s discover the area around us together.

Today Porto San Giorgio is a splendid tourist town, one of the most important in the Marche region, where you can breathe in the same way the saltiness of the Adriatic and tradition, the result of more than a millennium of history.

The hotels (including the Hotel Gabbiano), clubs, restaurants, shops, from the village to the modern city center and the boardwalk, color the city and offer very different experiences to those who visit it in the summer.


The history and characteristic places of Porto San Giorgio


Porto San Giorgio was born around the year 1000, when some Venetian fishermen, surprised by a storm, were driven to the coast of Fermo. Here they founded the town, and many of its inhabitants still maintain surnames of Venetian origin. One of them, Lorenzo Tiepolo (who later became Doge of Venice), founded Rocca Tiepolo in 1297, which hosts many cultural and theatrical events in summer.


At that time, the village developed, now called the “Castle,” where the Fountain of Democracy (in Piazza San Giorgio), the Church of San Giorgio in neoclassical style, the Madonna del Carmine or of the Holy Souls and the Municipal Theater are located.


Why was the city named after the saint? Because they say that the saint appeared to some local sailors and saved them.


After the medieval development, Porto San Giorgio began to expand in the modern era. The Sangiorgesi left the ramparts and founded new districts: the Rione Squero (called “arsenale” in the Veneto region; in Venice, there is still the “Squero San Trovaso,” where gondolas are produced), the Rione Gessare (so-called because lime was made there) and finally the Rione Marina, where you can find Liberty squares, gardens, and villas. It is the period when the city begins to become a real seaside resort.


Gerolamo Bonaparte’s Villa


But the potential and beauty of Porto San Giorgio had already been understood by Gerolamo Bonaparte, Napoleon’s younger brother, and the only one of the Emperor’s generation to have been photographed.


Gerolamo, the most libertine and frivolous of the Bonaparte family, was King of Westphalia and fought in Russia, alongside his brother, and in Waterloo. Still, in both cases, he didn’t stand out.


With the definitive fall of Napoleon, Gerolamo (Jerome in French) arrives in Rome, where his brother Luciano lived. In 1825, he began his visits to Porto San Giorgio and Fermo, guest of the Trevisani and Maggiore families. After living in the Palazzo Nannerini in Fermo, he decided to have his neoclassical home built, Villa Caterina, now called Villa Bonaparte. It will remain in Porto San Giorgio until 1831.


Our city is all this and much more. Porto San Giorgio, whose beauty is also given by its position; so close to the Apennine parks and the beautiful hills of the Marche. Ask at the concierge: Hotel Gabbiano will provide you with all the information you need for your relaxing holiday at the beach and excursions to the city or the inland.